Looking for penpals ‚úČ

Hi guys.!

I am looking for penpals.

How many of you have penpals all over the world? To discover a world beyond the little world we know is amazing.

I am Arisha, from India. I am an avid reader and a writer and all around nerd. I am looking for open minded, creative people all over the world to penpal with. Just let me know in the comment section if you are interested. Looking forward to know people living miles away with different culture and their amazing stories. 

Thank you so much.

Where the time goes?

With every breathe I take, I realise there is so much of your scent imprinted on my skin. And all the years that have gone, what still remains etched in my mind are those countless memories I had vowed to never forget.

You are that rootless wanderer making a way in my mind in middle of the nights, nights on which I have no control over. Making me think and rewind each and every detail I have in me of you. We were once the perfect couple of our college, so much time has passed since then. There might be more new lovers weaving new plans of infinity where once we had promised a forever to each other. I hope they don’t become us or I guess I do. What’s wrong in not having a lifetime together? What we had was real, short but real.
Do you still have those love letters I wrote to you on our monthly anniversaries? I still do possess your favourite blue t-shirt you gave me. There had been so many nights after our break up I wore it to sleep, I had this believe that there is still hope, hope of a future with you that made me fall asleep. There are so many pictures of us that we had planned to recreate every year as we grow but couldn’t. Also, somedays I miss walking a thousand country roads,  listenning to your off tangent talks. But you know what is my favourite of all? That one memory of us that I am to keep with me forever? The prom night, where we had confessed, where it had all begun. You weren’t my soulmate, you were my first love, the one I tend to compare with every guy I meet.  But as the life goes on so do we, I am happy and in love again. And what about you? In love again or just a 2 am lover, I wonder.


This is not a lovestory.

One day if I decide to write about us, what do I write? I ain’t going to make it a sad one for sure because it’s not. Maybe a little of this and that but mostly I would make it a happy one as two lovers did meet in the end, right?

Four years ago when we started to date, I knew we were never meant to be. Though it didn’t stop me from falling for you, falling more by each passing day. The nights we have spent making love and lying in each other’s arms, I knew it wasn’t me you were looking for. Few nights you would just look into my eyes, I don’t know what you used to search for back then but whatever it was, it seemed like you were trying hard to get rid of something as you would just blink rapidly afterward. Somedays I used to see you watch the sunrise alone or staring at nothing for so long. I knew when you would just want to be alone at your terrace counting the stars, it was her you would want. “It’s okay to miss her. I understand.” With that I would just sit silently beside you holding your hands. The truth is I did understand but it seemed disaster is what my heart craved for. I was scared. Too scared to admit that I don’t have a lifetime with you. After a year of dating, one day you showed me her message. “Can we meet? Please?” I knew it then it was time to let go. Maybe it would seem like I did force you to meet her but it was what you always wanted. 

Love is like an anonymous feeling, you wouldn’t even know it’s true existence ever. Two days ago when I met you, you seemed happy and complete with her. With that a huge lump seemed to pass. I had made the right choice. We stared at each other for long. After all this time, we were like two strangers hitting deja vu at the same time. And so I waited. You smiled. That is all that is left of us after the end. The bond between us. The bond born out of true love that you feel for her and I for you. True love. Always true love.


Let’s talk.

Hey lovelies.

As I have not been able to be active here for a long time, I thought of having an interactive session with you all. Just comment your answers of your choosen questions.

  • Which is your all time favourite movie? (Well undoubtely it’s The Notebook for me.)
  • What do you guys want me to write more about in my blogs? (Articles, fan-fiction, poems, quotes..what? Suggest me, please.)
  • How many of you are willing to participate in “quote challenge” that I am planning for my upcoming blogs? (It will be easy for me to choose the blogs to tag)
  • What book are you currently reading? (Suggest me some books to read.)

Ps- Please let me know if you have any other suggestions or things to say. 



“You are my only escape”

In the middle of the night

I write

Always in the middle of the night

And you want to know why?

When the battle is real

You are my only company

You are what I write about every night

Things have got blurred over time

What remains etched in my mind is

The dimples on your left cheeks

And the colour of your eyes

And the scar under your chin

I might not remember everything

Remember all about our lost times

But I will always choose to paint you in dark shades

With all that remains with me

I write

In the middle of the night

To escape

You are my only escape”

Bid adieu

Be by my side, we have a long way to go.   Hold me tight as the nightfall.

For this might be our last night

Tomorrow demands us to refresh

As we try to blend different colours to our soul

To get something new and more

We lure all the way trying to create and re-create


Discover all our hidden passions

There is a long journey ahead of us

The struggle is real

And so is the game

The game of winning and losing

Inorder to grasp something new

We will lose

And the price is high

We lose a part of us forever

So you can see the stakes are high

Let’s give it a try this time

For once let us fly

Promise me this one thing,

To come back

To me

For one last time

To see howfar we have gone

And howfar more we need to go

For now I bid adieu

With a hope in my heart

That one day

When we return,

There will be this one thing binding me to you

That is never changing

It should be love.



Be by my side, we have a long way to go.       Hold me tight as the nightfall.