Beyond it is. (1/3)

Dear husband,

We had almost made it to the last. I spend a lot of these days watching the city. This is the city where we fell in love. Our love is how we created magic around us. I breathe your presence everytime I sit here, thinking about old days keeping my head on your shoulder. Back then our eyes held dreams of the future. Dreams of having a grand wedding, creating a list of guests in our mind. We had many arguments over the years and mostly it would be the same thing. You wanted me to refresh my life and find love again but ofcourse I couldn’t because my soul belongs yo you. I need to go for now. I love you and I miss you.

Until next time..

Yours Afraa

Made Men – Series

Hey guys!

It has been a long long time since I have written. For the last whole month I have been travelling, meeting my cousins and hanging out with my old friends. It has been one hell of a month. I started reading a lot of new series and I can’t wait to tell you guys about it also the time I spend travelling, I realised that travelling gives you ideas to write. I am going to publish three posts here will be be a story which I have thought while I was travelling and while I still need some more time to edit it, I will share what all I have read and also not to forget about posting few pages of my art journal (mentioned in my blog before).

Have any of you read mafia series? The last whole year had been dedicated to fantasy but this year I want to go exploring erotica books. Recently my friend recommended Nero Made Men written by Sarah Brianne. I am absolutely in love with the book and also the series that follows. This book is a complete treasure for those who are looking for dark romance. There are just so many mafia books I have read recently but as Nero is my first, it will be my favourite. I will leave the synopsis below.


Elle is a senior in high school. She has been bullied most of the 4 years she’s been there, even more so because she protects her best friend Chloe, taking more of the bullying than she should. To supplement her scholarship to Legacy Prep, Elle works at a diner after school. She witnesses something she should’t, something dangerous. Something mob related. She doesn’t think anyone saw her, but she’s terrified someone did. 

Nero’s ready to take his place in the family after high school and has just been given his first ‘job’. Get close to the girl who witnessed the hit. Find out if she saw the faces of the guys and see if she’s the type of girl that will talk. After spending some time with Elle, Nero see’s that she’s different than any other girl he’s met. After seeing the things she’s had to endure, he feels the need to protect her. Nero is a bad ass. A little crazy, but in the best way. He will do what needs to be done to protect his girl.

“I will fight. I will torture. I will kill in my line of work… it’s part of me, just how you’re a part of me, but nothing- NOTHING- will ever come before you. No one will ever fucking touch what’s mine and not pay for it.”

Curse of the night.!


Their Laughter.

And Cries. My cries.

And taunts and moans and grunts.

They are enjoying.

I scream and scream and beg them to stop.

And there is so much of disgusting smells.

Sweat. Their sweat.

And blood. My blood.

They smell of stale cigarette and alcohol. I shut my eyes. Tight.

It hurts. Hurts a lot. They don’t stop.

One after the another. Inserting pain.

I am crushed beneath them.

Crying and yelling and screaming in pain.

I see their faces. Lusting and taunting.

Maybe they are going to be the last faces I ever see!

Those eyes of devil.

No! God please let me live.

But I know I will die. No mercy. No pity.

So much pain and agony.

I want it to stop.

I tell them to stop.

Please.! Stop.! Please.!


Their laughter.

And cries. My cries.

Ps– Rape doesn’t only harm a body but rips a soul. It is a sin above all others.

Unrequited Love

It is difficult, probably more than anyone will like to admit. Unrequited love. I cannot choose any one of the most painful moment I have had. Maybe it was to see you talk of her with the same kind of serenity and sincerity you will find me, when I talk of you. Or maybe the toughest part is to pretend.

I can tell by the look on your face, you still hold the same old guilt in your heart, I know it wasn’t in your hands then, it still isn’t. You tell me, you will take me to meet her some day and I pray in my heart the day must never come and at the very same moment it is like to relive a long lost battle. Whatever you have heard or read, I tell you, it is not easy, to never get the love in return but what scares me the most is your sympathy, your idea of penance.

This is a kind of love that makes me want to run far away from you yet I am sitting beside you, listenning about the girl you are so deeply in love with.


Ps: Location – Taj Mahal, India

I visited this place recently recently with my friends, it stole my heart and broke it too as the monument stands as a symbol of love which was ordered to be created by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in the memory of his favourite wife after her death.

My plans for holidays .!!

Hello peeps.

What are your hobbies? What do you love doing the most? I love to read books and write stuffs but as my exams will get over by next month, I have been wondering what new should I try in my holidays and so I came up with an idea of art journal. Have anyone of you ever had an art journal before? I have watched few youtube videos about how to start with an art journal, it seems to me extremely fun and creative and will probably keep me busy during my holidays also I have never been bad in arts and designing. So before I start my art journal I have to bring home glitters, sketch pens and a lot of stuffs and I am desperately hoping that this would work. I am right now exicted as a kid and can’t wait to get started but ofcourse, exams before my long holiday. If anyone would like to give me any suggestions, I would be really glad to know more. I will surely be posting my art journal even if the idea fails but lets just hope for the best.

Keep smiling.! 🙂

Flight to freedom #outofmywindow

Flight to freedom//

Watching the bloodred sky as the nightfall has become a blissful oblivion. How much the life has changed and I am sure changes have been on your side as well. I have mended most of my wounds and I am growing stronger day by day. All the memories of yours are tough to deal with, it is like a lure, a trap which I prefer avoiding most of the time. You are always on the back of my mind, it is a constant remainder of how much more I need to work on myself but I have learnt to be happy again, I have choosen my way and I hope you have choosen yours as well. I wish to win this race, I am not far away. 

A thousand splendid suns – Synopsis

Hello Peeps. Happiness at my doorstep today, have you read any of the Khaled Hossseini’s books? The most impressive part about his work is it is absolutely realistic and genuine, just pure emotions poured down in the books. It was 2 years back my friend had suggested me The kite runner and it is one of my all time favourite book. I will be jumping straight into the book. What are you reading currently? I will leave the synopsis below. Happy Reading..!!

 Mariam is an illegitimate child, and suffers from both the stigma surrounding her birth along with the abuse she faces throughout her marriage. Laila, born a generation later, is comparatively privileged during her youth until their lives intersect and she is also forced to accept a marriage proposal from Rasheed, Mariam’s husband. When the taliban take over, life becomes a struggle against starvation and brutality. Yet love can lead them to overcome the most daunting obstacles with startling heroism.